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How to maintain a healthy and economical diet

How to maintain a healthy and economical diet

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The current economic climate affects every aspect of our lives, even our health. Many people are turning to fast food or unhealthy choices because they look cheaper. But it is possible to develop economic health food programs.
Karen Bird, Ph.D., a registered dietistologist at Geisinger medical center, said: "forming healthy eating habits is simple and inexpensive. Follow some basic rules and you will have a diet that includes all the basic food ingredients.
According to Bird, simple steps such as choosing frozen vegetables and fruits can affect our wallets and health.
"First of all, frozen products may actually be healthier than fresh ones," she said. Frozen products last longer than fresh ones and have more concentrated nutritional value. In addition, frozen vegetables and fruits are more cost-effective, with lower prices and longer shelf-life. And there are many options, always ready to go.
Pasta and rice are cheaper and better stored. "These products have a long shelf life and can be used in a variety of ways," she said. These are the things that form the basis of the food pyramid, which means that most of the ingredients in our diet are made up of these grains, and these things themselves are cheaper. Meat, which is more expensive, is at the top of the pyramid and should be limited, which is another way to save money....
Curry, tacos, stews/soups and stir-fries are easy to make dishes that incorporate a variety of inexpensive ingredients, including frozen vegetables and grains, Bird suggests. They can also be used in multiple meals and can be frozen and eaten separately.
Going to restaurants is not good for our finances or health. "One meal at a restaurant costs many times more than cooking it at home," Bird says. Another benefit of eating at home is that you can control the ingredients to ensure a healthy family diet. Fast food may look cheap and fast, but the future health costs are much higher.
To maintain a healthy and economical diet, other tips include:
1. Make proper plans: make this week's table plan and follow the menu.
Buy in bulk: most of the time, buying in bulk saves money, especially if it's perishable but can be frozen, like meat or bread, or if it's non-perishable and can be stored for a long time, like canned goods, green beans, and grains.
3. Don't pursue brands: don't be shy about buying unbranded products, which are almost as good as branded products most of the time.
4, a pot of stew: a pot of stew benefits a lot, save time, money, wash the dishes and bowls are less, often easy to leave.....